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Nutrition For The Family

It’s no longer all about you. Gone are the days when you could throw a lean cuisine in the microwave, pour yourself a glass of wine and watch TV.  Now, it’s about getting a somewhat balanced meal on the table for the big kids, getting the baby to eat those pureed carrots, and getting everyone to bed at a reasonable hour.  It’s tough to figure out what to serve your family everyday, especially if you’re dealing with multiple taste preferences, food allergies, and a spouse trying out a new diet. How about a little help? Need your pantry organized to reflect healthier options? How about we sit down and develop a menu (complete with shopping lists) for the week that is also nutritionally tailored to each family member’s needs?  Let me help you get started.


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Food Sensitivity Testing and Counseling

We all have different immune systems and each of us is unique in how our bodies handle reactions to things like environmental allergens, food chemicals, and everyday foods like bread, cheese, and apples. For some of us, these reactions can cause inflammation, enough so that the result is sometimes debilitating, such as in inflammatory conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, or some inflammatory conditions of the skin. A blood test called MRT (which stands for Mediator Release Test) combined with dietary counseling has meant relief for many patients. To learn more about this test and if it is right for you read more under "About" or give us a call.


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Weight Management

Diets don’t work. At least in the long run they don’t. Sure you’ll lose 10 pounds on that calorie restricted cleanse. But, how long will it be before those sneaky 10 pounds come back? Studies have shown that not only does yo-yo dieting wreak havoc on your metabolism, but the hormones that help regulate hunger and satiety are also negatively affected and may take years to recover. Permanent weight loss takes hard work, patience, and a realistic approach. Let’s work together to find what works for you.

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Food Allergy Management

Being diagnosed with a food allergy can be scary. Getting used to reading food labels, finding restaurants that can cater to your needs and just having foods around the house that you can actually eat can become a chore. I'm here to help. I will educate you and your family on the ins and outs of managing your food allergy, from identifying foods and products that can put you at risk to setting up a menu and shopping list that includes healthy food options that are safe and delicious.