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In the (Nutrition) News…

Each morning I get about a dozen emails summarizing current nutrition research from around the world.  It’s so interesting to read through some amazing articles that truly get me excited about cool new products and advances in nutrition science. Except this morning once of the articles was about something truly unbelievable. Caffeinated Underwear. Yes. It’s a thing.

Their claims that “tiny microcapsules” containing caffeine are absorbed into the skin and are absorbed by the cells which in turn cause “fat destruction”, have caused the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to issue complaints against these products, and I would have to agree. Claiming that wearers of these garments can lose as much as two inches off their hips in less than a month is just irresponsible. These claims are backed up by bad science, with these companies relying on clinical trials with flaws in their methods.

I’d love for these products to be legit. There is nothing cooler (or weirder) than the thought of an everyday article of clothing melting away the fat as you eat your lunch. But, at this point, daily exercise, good nutrition, accountability and perseverance are your best bet.

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