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Unique & Healthy – Gluten Free Black Rice Salad

I’ve been experimenting a lot with different varieties of grains and rices, and black rice is my new favorite thing. Black rice is actually an heirloom variety of rice, and it is typically sold “unmilled” which means the fiber-rich black husks are not removed. This also preserves the bold color of the rice, which when cooked…

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Kale Soup with Kale & Linguica

My favorite cold weather recipe…chicken soup with kale and linguica. This is soup weather and lately I’ve made about 12 variations of this super easy chicken soup.  I’ve included this in so many of my meal plans, but with little modifications to make it unique to one’s tastes. For example, adding the tiniest amount of…

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Tropical Mango Smoothie

The weather outside is frightful! Since heading to the tropics isn’t possible, I decided to create a smoothie that would give me a both a big boost of Vitamin C and create a little beachy nostalgia. The greek yogurt provides protein, while the added coconut oil helps keeps skin soft and protected from the dry…

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