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“What am I getting myself into?” I asked myself this last night while fighting my third night of insomnia. A private practice? A website and blog to maintain? A kid starting kindergarten and a toddler who has become very good at climbing on things? Did I mention that we’re also moving into a rental in two weeks so we can start a major renovation on our current house? Yes- I agree with you. I might be crazy. But, I’ve got some great friends around who support me, and an awesome family that believes in me. So, I am both scared and excited to begin this adventure.

My blog postings will vary between current nutrition information to tried and true recipes. I’ll also post about local markets and businesses that support the advancement of local agriculture and sustainability. I hope you’ll check in once awhile, gain some new nutrition knowledge, and maybe pass it along. And, if you’re looking for a dietitian for yourself, for a friend, or to speak to a group, I’d love to chat!

Talk to you soon!


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